Putting this on the back Burner

The baking blog is going away for a little bit. I always phase in and out of baking due to my moods and how I’m feeling. Lately, I haven’t really been in a sweets type of mood, I have been focusing on detoxing and working on my body. If you guys didn’t know, I have lost over 85lbs. My sister Blog, 87lbsandcounting.wordpress.com is pretty much where I will be blogging until there is another bake off, or I feel like baking something. Which in retrospect will probably be within a week?

Although, it’s an 80% baking blog, I do blog 20% on this about daily life, and my struggles. We will see where that gets me!  My life has been relatively struggle free. I mean, my boyfriend wants to move across the country and is determined to have me follow him? That’s a dilemma, not a struggle. I just got to Montana; well 3 years ago I haven’t even adjusting to the climate!

So my question to you! If you had the choice to move anywhere, where would you move?

The All American Bake-off Part 2


The day has arrived. Not only is it a Friday, but it’s a ½ day at work Friday because of our Company Picnic and Bake-off. I was quite confident in my Desert decision. I made an Oogy-Gooy Pumpkin Butter Cake. First place would take home a lovely cook book.

I arrived promptly at 11:50am to strategically place my desert on the table. There were a couple Deserts there but nothing too Fancy. As people started trickling in from work, I found out very quickly I assumed something I should have taken into further consideration. Wives.

Now – I have seen my co workers baking before, and I knew I could be in the running. But I totally forget about everyone’s wives! I mean, they feed their children and husbands on a day to day basis. And who do I feed? My horse? Who can’t give me any constructional feedback.  Great, I’m screwed.

The Wives brought an array of deserts from Pecan Pies to homemade frozen Yogurt! Jesus! I obviously wasn’t even thinking out of the box. I retract my earlier statement, and I should of used pintrest like these smart women.

Taste testing began, and as a results…. The Ice cream won… I can’t hate. It was pretty darn creative! Within the mix of Deserts there were: Mint brownies, Pumpkin cookie whoopee pies, Peacan Pie, A beer flourless torte cake, Ice cream, Fudge, fruit pie thing and pineapple upside-down cake.

My consumption

Look at my Plate. My little “I’m always on a diet” Mentality has FLOWN out the window. And what’s left is my old 237lbs chocolate-overloading self. In my other blog, which I haven’t even began to start, 87lbsandcounting.wordpress.com you can read about my extensive weight loss and how I keep it off. My daily food consumption consists of nothing processed or out of a bag. That’s right. I eat nothing but veggies and chicken and homemade hummus. SO I went from eating very healthy to one day of eating…. 2 servings of Pulled pork, potato salad, and some bean salad. PLUS! This huge desert plate! And oh my god. I felt like I was going to die. Someone defiantly needed to roll my oompa-loopa butt to class.. Im pretty sure all that fat is somehow still in my stomach.

I stole a plate for my not-so-healthy-but-somehow-incredible-ripped boyfriend, and headed to his Jobsite before school. There I fed him, and his group of sexy males the rest of the deserts!

The All American Bake-Off

(updated: recipe can be found https://kristinskupcakes.wordpress.com/yummy-creations/129-2/)


Soo…… As most of you don’t know I work at a real job at namenotdisclosed where I am a Sales and Development Representative. My company designs Fru-Fru Genetic Analysis Software. We ARE normal people, and we DO have social lives. Well Sales & Marketing do, the programmers and Bioinformations can speak for themselves.

Our CEO Believes a happy employee is a hardworking employee… Right? I think so. Therefore HR promotes contests within each dept. and companywide. Well, this Friday, it’s “our company” day. In honor of such event we will be getting off work early to go to a BBQ at a nearby park. Within this event we will be holding this “friendly” bake-off.

What? Did you just say bake off? I mean- do they even know what they are up against. First off, and most important. I am the most competitive person on the face of the planet.. Second, I can bake like Paula Dean. So these women don’t even have a chance. I see my biggest competition as HR, she has brought in cookies to die for in work, but I’m still confident with my mommies training I can beat her.

I have the liberty to actually be living with my company’s office manager. She is not only my good friend, but defiantly an adoptive mom. I was secretly spying on her yesterday making her desert. And by spying I mean sitting at the table doing homework while she was baking. Anyways, she made fudge. FUDGE! You don’t even bake fudge…. I mean it is a BAKE-off, not a microwave-off. I can’t hate thou…. I mean it is 11:51am and less than 24hrs from taste testing and I haven’t even planned what I am making. But I can guarantee you that it will taste like a slice of calorie heaven.

This is a sneak peak to my new recipe – Results and Recipe will be posted soon!

Daddy’s Lambo

Let me drive your Daddy’s Lambo…

Alright – It’s not quite a Lambo, but it is a Maserati. What the F*ck is a Maserati? Lezzbe honest, I mean I didn’t even know what it was. According to Mr. Sport Car Extraordinaire, (My Sexy-Male-Best Boyfriend owner of so-called Mazz-er-ah-t) it’s a little sister of a Ferrari. Why– Because my boyfriend has to be original, and he needed to buy something that further fed his already I’m-a-Total-Sexy-Savage Ego and I think it’s the only one in Montana, Hence Originality.  We cannot go two feet in this town without people asking about it, or screaming nice car from there o-so-classy osmoible. Even as I was minding my own business, drawing doodles of Unicorns and rainbows, I looked over and two kids were sharing pictures of HIS car with each other commenting out our late night adventure to PLONK! Wine. Ridiculous.

Now, I can’t sit here in bitch that I get to ride around in the front seat of a Fancy-Smancy sports car on my time off… In matter-of-fact I love it, who wouldn’t? Which brings me to my next point; I cannot stand the woman that Eye-F*ck my boyfriend when he steps out of this car. Isn’t it already enough that he is absolutely gorgeous, but hey, let’s just throw in a Maserati to soup up that sex appeal? And here I am… Poor Innocent girlfriend, dealing with stripper woman rubbing their Barbie Doll Plastic Boobies all over his windshield… Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but in time I’m sure I will see it. I’m not a defensive girlfriend by any means, and I trust my boyfriend to the full amount, but a girl has got to draw the line somewhere right? I can’t have all these plastic Gold digging barbies willing to drop their panties at the chance they may get to fuck sit in the front seat of that car. Bitches He’s mine. – ( Man, I could write a Kanye West song about this…)

Dealing with this on a daily basis has become a routine for me #firstworldproblems. Which bring me to my third point: Slutty Ass Hoes… Let me rephrase this, Slutty ass Model Hoes, Slutty ass Model Gold Digging hoes.  Once upon a time, before my boyfriend and I were together. He was “Talking”… and by talking I mean probably screwing this Sexy-as-Fuck hot blonde Model thing who posed for Maximum. Or whatever that Mag is. Miraculously – he chose me over her. ME! Like 5’5” 150 lb. with brown eyes and brown hair ME, god forbid I am nothing special, but I must have one hell of a personality.

Pretty F*cking Average

Anyways, she contacted Mr. Sports Car Extraordinaire in regards to taking him to big sky and posing her very sexy –  not very clothed body all over his car. How am I Suppose to deal with this one? Black Italian leather-Views of Big Sky in the back ground-and a sexy Blonde half naked spread eagle on his car. I should just kiss my relationship good bye obviously. I can’t compete with perfect, well $15,000 a couple breast implants and liposuction later, I might could. But not even close.

Well. Now that I have completely stated my story. I feel like Barbie and Ken Should live Happily ever after, after all – it’s not Cowgirl & Ken.. They don’t even make a cowgirl barbie…. anyways, I have a love/hate relationship with this car. And this car, will most likely end out relationship..

Random Survival Tips for College

It’s 6:30am…. Less than 6 hours ago I was crawling into bed and now I’m brutally awakened by my boyfriends annoying iPhone Alarm going off – ya, the annoying beeping one, sounds like the pentagon just launched 50 nuclear missiles and we all have 5 minutes to live.

Gracefully falling out of bed to put some clothes on and Meander to school while my boyfriend goes to the job site- where fortunately he doesn’t have to deal with incompetent student drivers. After successfully making myself look not like a zombie… I jump in my truck to make the 30 minute, 2 mile journey to school; got to enjoy 8am classes and 13,000 trying to find parking.

Judge me or not – I believe that if my Truck is BIGGER than your Prius – you should yield to me. But for some reason I encounter way too many “earth friendly” people who cut me off, and flip the bird. – Trust me, my goal in life is not own a truck to piss hippies off, but for some reason, us truck drivers are out to get you! -Bumper to bumper traffic, and I finally Snag a spot next to a BMW and a lifted 24 valve Cummins.

Are you a little confused yet? I stated previously I live in BOZEMAN MT. And I could imagine your thinking – Middle-no-where-meth-capital- USA.. who drives beamers and huge trucks. WRONG. Bozeman just happens to be the biggest/richest trust fund baby city ever. That’s right, no one worked for their money – Mommy and Daddy cut those checks every month so they go to school.

Back to my point – After much consideration I decide to move my truck to a different area of vehicles so I don’t get a nasty note I door dinged someone’s perfect little daughters BMW.

Next thing, its 40 degree’s out and for some reason these girls convinced themselves a short floral dress is the way to go. NO…. that is not the way to go!, especially when you are wearing neon blue shorts under them with a green bando. Did Helen Keller dress you?! No, so use some of your mommy’s money and buy a normal length dress that doesn’t make you look like a stripper. I’m going to start throwing stripper biscuits at you.

It absolutely mind Boggles me that you have all this money and can’t withstand to cover yourself up! Try a blazer – dark wash jeans and reasonable heels. What is on your head? A Rats personal home? – brush it out and put it back. Maybe someday someone will take you seriously.


Im not quite what this post is about….


Anxiety attacks should be illegal. It’s one of the most excruciating things someone can experience emotionally. Everything looks normal on the outside- but on the inside you’re fighting with yourself.
Mine developed over time. Stress of growing up, and not to mention an awful boyfriend.
On top of being blessed with this nervousness, I also have a terrible time making personal decisions. (Let’s get this right, PERSONAL, not work related decisions.)
I am talking about this particular topic today because many people in the US stuffer from this daily. I Lucky have brought my Anxiety attacks down from a couple times a day, to a couple times a month. (Due to the fact that I left my ex-boyfriend).
If you scoped my Blog out, you’ll know I work full-time, go to school full-time and manage to own a Performance horse training business. – Overwhelmed
How to help you anxiety attacks:
2) Bikram Yoga, relax – mind/body/soul
3) Running/working out/lifting
4) Avoiding Stimulants – Coffee/Smoking
5) Surrounding yourself with loving people
6) Having a trusting person you can talk to about you anxiety.

Anxiety has also been linked to bipolar disorder, and thank you Jesus I do not have that.
Sorry about the Random Post.

The Great Escape

OH MY GOD! Is that a mouse?

Yes, it is.

A cute little brown mouse was scurrying across my boyfriend’s bed early Sunday morning. According to him it was the end of the world; I name him Jerry.

He chases it around the house for several hours pinning it in several corners, every time Jerry outsmarts the tom cat. By this time I’m spoon deep in cereal.

Caught in the Corner

After pleading him to capture it and release it, he convinces me the old fashion mouse traps are the way to go.

Drug out of bed entirely too early to make the venture to Ace Hardware to get very inhumane mouse traps: $48.90 later, he is prepared to hunt.

I beg him not to kill Jerry; after all, we did have a bonding moment that morning in bed. According to my boyfriend if, “That mouse chews up my wiring harness in the Maserati…” I suppose since his car could be jeopardy, I am not fully opposed to killing Jerry.

2pm: He lays the traps one by one in high traffic areas; he steps on them frequently- Payback

3pm: Ventures to Murdoch’s to get cowboy boots

4pm: Get harassed by someone who is obviously not impressed with his car with a “Versace Makes boots” comment

6pm: Return home to realize no traps have been tripped

9pm: See Jerry scurry across the floor & up a wall – Time to call dad

10pm: Lace mouse traps with Peanut butter, thanks to dad

11pm: Dead Jerry

Tom hunting Jerry

After I was done screaming bloody murder and yelling at my boyfriend to kill it and not let it suffer. The blood stained tile was too much.

RIP Jerry.