Anxiety attacks should be illegal. It’s one of the most excruciating things someone can experience emotionally. Everything looks normal on the outside- but on the inside you’re fighting with yourself.
Mine developed over time. Stress of growing up, and not to mention an awful boyfriend.
On top of being blessed with this nervousness, I also have a terrible time making personal decisions. (Let’s get this right, PERSONAL, not work related decisions.)
I am talking about this particular topic today because many people in the US stuffer from this daily. I Lucky have brought my Anxiety attacks down from a couple times a day, to a couple times a month. (Due to the fact that I left my ex-boyfriend).
If you scoped my Blog out, you’ll know I work full-time, go to school full-time and manage to own a Performance horse training business. – Overwhelmed
How to help you anxiety attacks:
2) Bikram Yoga, relax – mind/body/soul
3) Running/working out/lifting
4) Avoiding Stimulants – Coffee/Smoking
5) Surrounding yourself with loving people
6) Having a trusting person you can talk to about you anxiety.

Anxiety has also been linked to bipolar disorder, and thank you Jesus I do not have that.
Sorry about the Random Post.


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