The All American Bake-Off

(updated: recipe can be found


Soo…… As most of you don’t know I work at a real job at namenotdisclosed where I am a Sales and Development Representative. My company designs Fru-Fru Genetic Analysis Software. We ARE normal people, and we DO have social lives. Well Sales & Marketing do, the programmers and Bioinformations can speak for themselves.

Our CEO Believes a happy employee is a hardworking employee… Right? I think so. Therefore HR promotes contests within each dept. and companywide. Well, this Friday, it’s “our company” day. In honor of such event we will be getting off work early to go to a BBQ at a nearby park. Within this event we will be holding this “friendly” bake-off.

What? Did you just say bake off? I mean- do they even know what they are up against. First off, and most important. I am the most competitive person on the face of the planet.. Second, I can bake like Paula Dean. So these women don’t even have a chance. I see my biggest competition as HR, she has brought in cookies to die for in work, but I’m still confident with my mommies training I can beat her.

I have the liberty to actually be living with my company’s office manager. She is not only my good friend, but defiantly an adoptive mom. I was secretly spying on her yesterday making her desert. And by spying I mean sitting at the table doing homework while she was baking. Anyways, she made fudge. FUDGE! You don’t even bake fudge…. I mean it is a BAKE-off, not a microwave-off. I can’t hate thou…. I mean it is 11:51am and less than 24hrs from taste testing and I haven’t even planned what I am making. But I can guarantee you that it will taste like a slice of calorie heaven.

This is a sneak peak to my new recipe – Results and Recipe will be posted soon!


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