KbarH Preformance Horses

As you might have noticed, I am a little horse crazed… Well crazed is an understatement. I have loved horses since I can remember. I actually don’t have a single memory in my entire life where I didn’t have my horse, Jack.

Between my busy life of working 30+ a week at my “real” job, ( a biotechnology company), going to school full-time for my Marketing/Management major, baking, doing Bikram Yoga, and lifting… I also have managed to create my own small “performance” horse training business. I put, performance, in “” because all I really do is train people who hire me. I start-train-finish all types of horses and have put a couple 1D barrel horses through my pipeline, Jack as one of them!

I’m not going to bore you with details about how I got into horses… Because I could lecture for about 5 million years about it.

My training business really took off when I was approached to train two packing horse, Bob and tucker.

Black Tail Bob(left): 16-year-old Quarter horse paint

Denise the menace Tucker(left): 13-year-old Quarter horse paint

My Version of training…..


They look awfully similar right?

It’s because they are full brothers… and you guessed it. 2 completely different personalities.

Tucker has had some dressage training way back in the hay hay days, both are relatively trained, but nothing fancy.

Luna: 5-year-old appendix Grulla.

I picked up this mare to train and we clicked instantly. Too bad her mommy would never sell her….. She’s be one hell of a barrel horse….

Ms. LunBug

I am wildy obessed with this horse. She had 30 days of Professional Training done on her by my Natural Horsemanship trainer Collegue. I got her to finish her and man, she is coming along nice. She’s Smart and so vert talented.

In one week, We have mastered lead changes, counter bending, and Collecting.


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