Putting this on the back Burner

The baking blog is going away for a little bit. I always phase in and out of baking due to my moods and how I’m feeling. Lately, I haven’t really been in a sweets type of mood, I have been focusing on detoxing and working on my body. If you guys didn’t know, I have lost over 85lbs. My sister Blog, 87lbsandcounting.wordpress.com is pretty much where I will be blogging until there is another bake off, or I feel like baking something. Which in retrospect will probably be within a week?

Although, it’s an 80% baking blog, I do blog 20% on this about daily life, and my struggles. We will see where that gets me!  My life has been relatively struggle free. I mean, my boyfriend wants to move across the country and is determined to have me follow him? That’s a dilemma, not a struggle. I just got to Montana; well 3 years ago I haven’t even adjusting to the climate!

So my question to you! If you had the choice to move anywhere, where would you move?


The All American Bake-off Part 2


The day has arrived. Not only is it a Friday, but it’s a ½ day at work Friday because of our Company Picnic and Bake-off. I was quite confident in my Desert decision. I made an Oogy-Gooy Pumpkin Butter Cake. First place would take home a lovely cook book.

I arrived promptly at 11:50am to strategically place my desert on the table. There were a couple Deserts there but nothing too Fancy. As people started trickling in from work, I found out very quickly I assumed something I should have taken into further consideration. Wives.

Now – I have seen my co workers baking before, and I knew I could be in the running. But I totally forget about everyone’s wives! I mean, they feed their children and husbands on a day to day basis. And who do I feed? My horse? Who can’t give me any constructional feedback.  Great, I’m screwed.

The Wives brought an array of deserts from Pecan Pies to homemade frozen Yogurt! Jesus! I obviously wasn’t even thinking out of the box. I retract my earlier statement, and I should of used pintrest like these smart women.

Taste testing began, and as a results…. The Ice cream won… I can’t hate. It was pretty darn creative! Within the mix of Deserts there were: Mint brownies, Pumpkin cookie whoopee pies, Peacan Pie, A beer flourless torte cake, Ice cream, Fudge, fruit pie thing and pineapple upside-down cake.

My consumption

Look at my Plate. My little “I’m always on a diet” Mentality has FLOWN out the window. And what’s left is my old 237lbs chocolate-overloading self. In my other blog, which I haven’t even began to start, 87lbsandcounting.wordpress.com you can read about my extensive weight loss and how I keep it off. My daily food consumption consists of nothing processed or out of a bag. That’s right. I eat nothing but veggies and chicken and homemade hummus. SO I went from eating very healthy to one day of eating…. 2 servings of Pulled pork, potato salad, and some bean salad. PLUS! This huge desert plate! And oh my god. I felt like I was going to die. Someone defiantly needed to roll my oompa-loopa butt to class.. Im pretty sure all that fat is somehow still in my stomach.

I stole a plate for my not-so-healthy-but-somehow-incredible-ripped boyfriend, and headed to his Jobsite before school. There I fed him, and his group of sexy males the rest of the deserts!