Putting this on the back Burner

The baking blog is going away for a little bit. I always phase in and out of baking due to my moods and how I’m feeling. Lately, I haven’t really been in a sweets type of mood, I have been focusing on detoxing and working on my body. If you guys didn’t know, I have lost over 85lbs. My sister Blog, 87lbsandcounting.wordpress.com is pretty much where I will be blogging until there is another bake off, or I feel like baking something. Which in retrospect will probably be within a week?

Although, it’s an 80% baking blog, I do blog 20% on this about daily life, and my struggles. We will see where that gets me!  My life has been relatively struggle free. I mean, my boyfriend wants to move across the country and is determined to have me follow him? That’s a dilemma, not a struggle. I just got to Montana; well 3 years ago I haven’t even adjusting to the climate!

So my question to you! If you had the choice to move anywhere, where would you move?


The All American Bake-off Part 2


The day has arrived. Not only is it a Friday, but it’s a ½ day at work Friday because of our Company Picnic and Bake-off. I was quite confident in my Desert decision. I made an Oogy-Gooy Pumpkin Butter Cake. First place would take home a lovely cook book.

I arrived promptly at 11:50am to strategically place my desert on the table. There were a couple Deserts there but nothing too Fancy. As people started trickling in from work, I found out very quickly I assumed something I should have taken into further consideration. Wives.

Now – I have seen my co workers baking before, and I knew I could be in the running. But I totally forget about everyone’s wives! I mean, they feed their children and husbands on a day to day basis. And who do I feed? My horse? Who can’t give me any constructional feedback.  Great, I’m screwed.

The Wives brought an array of deserts from Pecan Pies to homemade frozen Yogurt! Jesus! I obviously wasn’t even thinking out of the box. I retract my earlier statement, and I should of used pintrest like these smart women.

Taste testing began, and as a results…. The Ice cream won… I can’t hate. It was pretty darn creative! Within the mix of Deserts there were: Mint brownies, Pumpkin cookie whoopee pies, Peacan Pie, A beer flourless torte cake, Ice cream, Fudge, fruit pie thing and pineapple upside-down cake.

My consumption

Look at my Plate. My little “I’m always on a diet” Mentality has FLOWN out the window. And what’s left is my old 237lbs chocolate-overloading self. In my other blog, which I haven’t even began to start, 87lbsandcounting.wordpress.com you can read about my extensive weight loss and how I keep it off. My daily food consumption consists of nothing processed or out of a bag. That’s right. I eat nothing but veggies and chicken and homemade hummus. SO I went from eating very healthy to one day of eating…. 2 servings of Pulled pork, potato salad, and some bean salad. PLUS! This huge desert plate! And oh my god. I felt like I was going to die. Someone defiantly needed to roll my oompa-loopa butt to class.. Im pretty sure all that fat is somehow still in my stomach.

I stole a plate for my not-so-healthy-but-somehow-incredible-ripped boyfriend, and headed to his Jobsite before school. There I fed him, and his group of sexy males the rest of the deserts!

The All American Bake-Off

(updated: recipe can be found https://kristinskupcakes.wordpress.com/yummy-creations/129-2/)


Soo…… As most of you don’t know I work at a real job at namenotdisclosed where I am a Sales and Development Representative. My company designs Fru-Fru Genetic Analysis Software. We ARE normal people, and we DO have social lives. Well Sales & Marketing do, the programmers and Bioinformations can speak for themselves.

Our CEO Believes a happy employee is a hardworking employee… Right? I think so. Therefore HR promotes contests within each dept. and companywide. Well, this Friday, it’s “our company” day. In honor of such event we will be getting off work early to go to a BBQ at a nearby park. Within this event we will be holding this “friendly” bake-off.

What? Did you just say bake off? I mean- do they even know what they are up against. First off, and most important. I am the most competitive person on the face of the planet.. Second, I can bake like Paula Dean. So these women don’t even have a chance. I see my biggest competition as HR, she has brought in cookies to die for in work, but I’m still confident with my mommies training I can beat her.

I have the liberty to actually be living with my company’s office manager. She is not only my good friend, but defiantly an adoptive mom. I was secretly spying on her yesterday making her desert. And by spying I mean sitting at the table doing homework while she was baking. Anyways, she made fudge. FUDGE! You don’t even bake fudge…. I mean it is a BAKE-off, not a microwave-off. I can’t hate thou…. I mean it is 11:51am and less than 24hrs from taste testing and I haven’t even planned what I am making. But I can guarantee you that it will taste like a slice of calorie heaven.

This is a sneak peak to my new recipe – Results and Recipe will be posted soon!