Pumpkin Oooy-Gooy Cake

Pumpkin Oooy-gooy Cake

Something this good had to originally come from the world’s greastest baker, and cook herself…. The one, the only, Paula Dean. Yes, I do have a girl crush on this woman! She is nothing less than a master peace.  Anyways… Had you read my recent blog post, “All American Bake-off” you will know that my company is holding a baking contest. Shocker.  Being so Original, I decided to steer clear on Pintrest on this one and head straight to Food network. When I was searching for something to bake, I had two objectives on my mind.

1… Make something absolutely Jaw Dropping delicious.

2.. Make something extremely easy do to the amount of Business Marketing Homework I had do.

One Quick Search and done; Pumpkin ooy-gooy cake…. Oh Paula Dean – You never fail me!

What you need:


1)      Box of Yellow Cake

2)      1 egg

3)       1/2C Melted Butter

Take this wonderful beast of a thick-thick batter and pat it down either in a)a 9×13 pan b) 2 cake pans c) cupcake sized tins. I used the cake pans. Once you patted down this you may start making your filling. (the top part)


1)      One Package of Cream cheese.. Room temp

2)      20oz. – ish of pumpkin

3)      3 eggs

4)      1 ½ teaspoon on vanilla

5)      1/2C butter melted

6)      1 Box, or 16 oz of Powdered Sugar

7)      Some cinnamon

8)      Little nutmeg

I put it all in the same dirty bowl and mixed it together and poured it evenly over the cake. I baked mine on 350 for 50 minutes. The recipe says between 40-50… the middle should still be a little gooy. Throw some Whipped cream on there, Fall 2012 Heaven!

I tried it this morning before my bake-off. And HOLY COW. One of the best things I have ever made. What I like about this recipe is that it’s one of Paula deans originals…. On one of her first episodes! Hope everyone enjoys!!! I will keep you all posted regarding who wins this bake off!

Once again I apologize for the pictures!


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