Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

First I would like to apologize over how well I document my deserts I make. One of the reasons there is never any step by step picture is that I get so Darn excited about baking that I completely forget to take pictures and what I’m left with is finished cupcakes starring back at me undocumented.

I originally wanted to bake these for my best friend’s birthday. But one thing lead to accounting homework and next thing you know he birthday has been a week past. One day she may forgive me. Anyways. After an Awful weekend, I decided make something productive. I know everyone has their own “ Spin” off this cake so I’ll give you mine.


1 Box of Devil’s food cake + Ingredients on the back

1 Package of Oreos

I lined the pan with some nifty, “I am sorry I missed your birthday” cupcake liners and split a Oreo in half, cream side up and set the one side in the liners. Keeping the other part of the cookie in a bowl (I suppose this is where pictures would be useful).

I filled the cupcake liners pretty darn full and through them into the oven.

Next I made the Frosting.

8oz. of cream cheese (ROOM TEMP)

1 Stick of butter

Other halves of the Oreos finely chopped.

1 Tsp. Vanilla

4c. Powdered sugar.

I pulled the cupcakes out right before they look like they are done. Pipe/Frost after cooled. Then used the Remaining Oreos or garnish.


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