Red Velvet Cheater Cupcakes

H-O-L-Y Cow.

After a stressful day at school and work. I rushed to the grocery store to be a cheater and buy a boxed Red Velvet Cake.

I made these with a little Twist:


  • 1 Box Red Velvet Cake + whatever is on the back
  • 1 Small Package of Chocolate Jello Pudding
  • 1/2 box of French Vanilla Jello Pudding me
  • 1/4 C of Ovaltine- Totally random, Don’t ask.

DO NOT OVER BAKE THESE, pull them out right before they look good. -Trust me.

I made a Knock off butter Cream cheese frosting sort of deal. Since I was Eye-balling this, I made some major errors. So I’m going tell you the just of what I did, and please take everything I did and cut the measurement in HALF.

First. I thought it would be a really nifty idea to use 4 STICKS OF BUTTER. I cut up all the butter and threw it into a bowl. Looked like a lot, but I was like “hey, there is a lot of cupcakes why not.” Instead of being like a normal logical person,” This is a lot, I should take out half.” Mashing away, because I do not own a Kitchenaid Mixer. I decided to look everywhere in the house for some frosting like ingredients. That was a challenge within itself. I pulled some cream, Vanilla, Cream Cheese, Powdered sugar and Lemon.

Like the Smarted person on the face of the planet I just started throwing the ingredients in with the butter – Eventually I need a bigger bowl. #fail – Base mixture tastes good… So I started to add the powdered Sugar. 1c-2c-3c-4c-5c-6c….. it was turning into a monster, I could feed an entire 3rd world country with that frosting. I tried to hired my roommates 10-year-old daughter to eat it, but even that was a daunting task.

I pulled not even 1/3 if this running mess out and added more powdered sugar so it could thicken up. It was still a little runny.

The other 2/3rd is taking up a huge portion of my fridge. Where more important stuff could go.


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